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The Right Selling Price
Most of Montreal is in a Seller's market and has been for some time now. If your house has been lingering on the market, you need an experienced Broker who knows the best strategy to get your house sold in the shortest possible timeframe and at the best possible price.
Surviving the Sale
There are so many reasons for selling a home. It's an emotional experience on many levels. There is always much to plan and organize, and busy schedules can make it stressful. You'll want to be accompanied by an experienced broker you feel comfortable with, someone you can trust, who can advise and guide you along the way. Someone who's experienced, and who will also go out of their way to ensure the journey runs smoothly and is a positive experience.
Preparing Your Home for Sale
Many things can be done to add value to your home that cost little or nothing. On the other hand, some renovations that cost more can be difficult to recuperate when selling. Let an experienced broker advise you on how to get the most money for your home.
Common Selling Mistakes

Selling Your Home

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